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Алиса: Российская кинологическая Федерация выиграла право проведения в Москве!

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Алиса: A welcome from President of the Russian Kennel Federation Alexander Inshakov Dear friends, I am infinitely happy to be given this opportunity to address all of you, on behalf of RKF team and myself personally, on the pages of this special issue. I am pleased to be able to talk to those of you who, one way or another, linked their lives to dogs--our four-footed comrades and friends, who stay true to us whatever the circumstances. This love of animals, and dogs in particular has united us, and by virtue of this feeling so many of us decide to work in such challenging yet very interesting field—cynology; a profession that brings joy to all of us. This year the Russian Kynological Federation celebrates its 20th anniversary. Professional progress of our breeders, cynologists and kennel owners is obvious. This is our communal achievement). During this time we’ve acquired a considerable amount of experience, which we’d like to share with you; we also developed breeds, of which are rightfully proud. In 20 years of its existence our Federation has gained respect as being reputable and professional, all over the world. Over 1600 shows, championships and trials are being held yearly under the aegis of RKF. Paramount shows, certainly, are those being held in Russia’s capital—Moscow. They are: “Eurasia” (12000 entries), “Russia” (6000 entries), and Champion Show “Golden Collar” (1000 entries). These are the most prestigious shows which unify vast amounts of exhibitors from far ends of Russian Federation, Eastern Europe and Former Soviet Republics. All of this attests to Russia’s undeniably high cultural standards in dog breeding and attendance. All RKF shows are held in the most contemporary expo venue in Russia—International Exhibition Center “Crocus Expo”. We plan on carrying the show (2016) through on 23, 24, 25, 26 of June, which is most enjoyable summer month in terms of weather conditions. At that time of year the temperature ranges from about 24-28 degrees C. In front of the Center there is a free-of-charge parking area fit to park 26,600 cars; an underground parking will house another 3000 cars and vans. It is planned to be held at the “Crocus Expo Center” technical specifications that will empower us to carry out any show that will meet with the highest professional demands. Dogs, acknowledged and prized at RKF shows, regularly rank highest positions on cynological pedestals both in European and World shows. I’d like to point out to the fact that number of Russian breeders at the European and World shows projects a substantial part of overall number of participants. For example, there were 1378 Russian national exhibitors registered at the World Dog Show in 2010 (Russia placed 6th in entry numbers), 1704 fellow countrymen at the European Dog Show 2010 in Slovenia, (Russia placed 2nd in entry numbers), 2694 exhibitors took part in the World Dog Show 2009 in Slovakia, in 1006 in Finland there were 2400 Russians. According to figures from the Societe Canine Centrale, entry number for the World Dog Show in Paris compiles to 10 000 exhibitors. Dear friends! Russian Kynological Federation will gladly receive the honour to implement the World Dog Show 2016. RKF cordially invites universal dog lovers and judges. To welcome guests in our country is a supremely important affair. A tradition of largesse in Russia is very strong and Russians always associate with this. We have an extensive and steady experience of organizing and staging of such events as Olympics (summer 1980), Eurovision song contest (2009)… This year the global community entrusted our country with non-scheduled World Ice-skating Championship. And we are proud that members of World Olympic Committee unanimously voted Russia to host winter Olympics 2014, World Hockey Championship 2016, and Word Football Cup 2018. Our preliminary computation indicates that the estimated number of solely Russian exhibitors could be anywhere near 20 000! Consequently, it could happen so that the World Dog Show held in Moscow could become one of the most significant Kynological events in the World. Honour us with your vote and on our part The Russian Kynological Federation will do all in its power to ensure that the World Dog Show is held on the uppermost level. We are very excited to receive guests who dedicate their lives to serve dogs--our closest friends and companions! Welcome to Russia!

айри: Ну если не произойдет конец света в 2012 году мы едем 100 процентов!!!!

bulsan: айри пишет: 2012 году 2016 Будет Чемпионат Мира-СНГ

айри: bulsan Так 12год пережить надо!

plaj: айри пишет: Ну если не произойдет конец света в 2012 году мы едем 100 процентов!!!! Переживем!!!! Пакую чемоданы!!!!

ВВК: А вот как АКС требует лишить Россию права проведения Всемирного дог-шоу 2016 г. По причине угнетения сексменшинств. Бред какой-то...

скоттиштролль: только несмотря на принятие Российским правительством подобных законов сексуальные меньшинства со своими собаками на эту выставку наверняка с радостью придут

bulsan: скоттиштролль Точно-точно! Мухи отдельно, котлеты отдельно Американцы взывают бойкотировать и Олимпиаду в Сочи, лишь бы гадость какую сделать

Юльчик: Алиса пишет: Российская кинологическая Федерация выиграла право проведения в Москве! Здорово! Надеюсь ничего не помешает? При чем тут секс меньшинства?

ВВК: Юльчик пишет: При чем тут секс меньшинства? Юльчик а при том, что АКС сильно заботит, что там в России происходит с ними. Венгрия с ее кренделями их как-то не беспокоила, а тут прям аж взвились.

Юльчик: Ну до 2016 года время еще есть, будем надеяться что попустит

ВВК: А история, между прочим, развивается нешутейно... Во-первых, FCI хранит молчание. Только президент, трижды подчеркнув, что это его частное мнение, как-то очень невнятно и витиевато ответил в том духе, что мол, да, вот как-то не так все это. Во-вторых, что более всего удивительно, гробовое молчание хранит и РКФ. Одни только российские эксперты и заводчики на ФБ пытаются взывать к разуму. Настораживает, что среди поддержавших эту, мягко говоря, неадекватную идею американцев, все больше и больше экспертов, в том числе и тех, которые регулярно судят выставки в России. Нехорошо все это. Американцы пытаются смешать кинологию с политикой. Это очевидно. А это очень плохо...

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